Choosing our Horses: April 2016 Newsletter

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At RHR, our equine partners are an essential part of our therapy team. To ensure that each horse in our program is safe and has beneficial movement qualities, each horse undergoes a comprehensive evaluation and must pass with flying colors to become part of our team. Every […]

The Use of Hippotherapy for Speech Therapy: March 2016 Newsletter

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The use of the treatment technique of hippotherapy as part of a comprehensive plan in Speech Therapy has unique benefits that cannot be replicated by any other piece of therapy equipment. Equine-assisted therapy provides a naturalistic environment to address Speech Therapy goals related to receptive/expressive/pragmatic/social language, oral motor […]

What is Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy? February 2016 Newsletter

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Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy is an experiential form of therapy that involves a therapeutic partnership between a client, therapist and a horse. Because they are prey animals, horses are extremely sensitive to the emotional states of humans. That means the horse has the ability to act like a biofeedback machine. […]

Healing with Hippos? January 2016 Newsletter

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Hippotherapy is a comprehensive treatment strategy using equine movement offered by specially trained speech, physical and occupational therapists. People often ask, “Why is it referred to as “Hippotherapy?” The root word “Hippo” is Greek for horse and it is believed that treatment with the help of […]

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